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    Eu feliz da vida no meio das vinícolas da Quinta do Vallado.
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    Artesão preparando vaso de argila negra típica da região
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    Quem participou da presstrip mais mágica do mundo ;)

Portuguese version here

Talking about the Douro is not a task for the faint hearted. In my case it involves love, happy memories and a lot of nostalgic feelings. It takes some glasses of wine, an open heart and a pinch of Miguel Torga to get inspiration. But wait… that will be next week’s post. For now we keep to the presentation of the trip itself.

“Douro is calling”

This was a presstrip that took place in September 2016 offered by AETUR, the association of turism entrepreneurs from the Douro and Trás-dos-Montes. The goal was to present the region (and its secrets) to us, a group of 14 bloggers and journalist from all over the world.

During 6 days, we jumped head first in the local history and culture. We visited cities, monuments, vineyards, the gastronomy, the people, the caring and the peace that only the Douro can offer.

#Douroiscalling# – Social Medias

All participants of this trip used the hashtags #odourochama and #douroiscalling to advertise their experiences through their point of views in real time.

I used mainly instagram and snapchat – my favorit media – but I also posted a lot in facebook and twitter. If you want to check it out, all you need to do is use the tow hashtags in the search and you should get it all (except for the snapchat material, which lasts only for 24 hours).

Nothing warmed my heart more than seeing how many people were falling in love with the Douro with me and asking me to give my impressions a.s.a.p. This is the greatest incentive to create something lasting and of quality. Thanks everybody!

Raphinadas in the Douro

I told you already that in Portugal I feel like being in my grandmother’s home, right?

So, considering this metaphor, the Douro would be that closet were we know granny keeps all the best sweets and treats. We dream about the moment, count the days and hours until it comes and, when it finally arrives, it is even better than we expected. It is just love in excess that we have before us.

As you can well see the Douro is personal to me and I feel a great responsibility of sharing what I experienced in this trip with extra effort. That is why I will show in the next sequence of posts what has left a bigger impression on me. My idea is that you have a good grasp on how the Douro may be a unique travel destination.

If you want more information, tips and even to start planning an actual trip, keep in mind that you can always reach me here.

My post about the Douro

Quinta da Casa Amarela: um poema em forma de vinícola

My travel companions

Yes! Many bloggers and journalists were there, but we had our small circle within the group 😉 – The Brazilian Bloggers Team!

It was a priviledge being with them in this trip. I am such a beginner and yet I was there with those three superstars! I’ ve never learned so much in such a short time. I will add their work about the Douro here as well!

Rita Branco – “O Porto Encanta” – It was through her that came my invitation for this trip. She saw my work and gave me the vote of confidence. Amem! (and what a responsibility!) Legend says she is from São Paulo, but Rita is from Porto and the city belongs to her. That’s a fact! If you want to fall in love with the north of Portugal there is no better guide. P.S. She is one of the most captivating snapchatters I follow. She made her way through the Route of Santiago de Compostela starting in Portugal.

– Os Encantos do Douro. Muito mais do que um rio.

– Do Porto para o Museu do Douro

– Do Porto para o Douro… na Quinta da Casa Amarela. Bons Vinhos, com Charme.

Helô Righetto – “Aprendiz de Viajante” – How can I describe Helô!? She’s my dearest, a designer, published writer (Guia de Londres para Iniciantes/ A beginners guide to London), active feminist (Conexão Feminista), full of suprises and life. You can follow her trips in the Aprendiz de Viajantes and learn a little bit more about her through her personal blog (Mi Bloguitto).

P.S. She is colaborating with me in the Coletivo Tropical iniciative! 😉

– Vale do Douro além dos Vinhedos: 5 lugares para visitar

– Dois Hotéis Incríveis no Vale do Douro

– Quinta do Vallado e Quinta da Casa Amarela

– Vale do Douro: 5 experiências incríveis e inesquecíveis

Martinha Andersen – “Viajoteca” – I’ve been following the Viajoteca for a good while now and her posts were always special to me. Martinha has the superpower of giving lightness to everything and of knowing exactly when we need her (how does she do it?). She lives in Paris since 2006 and knows all about tech, apps, cameras… to sum it up, she is the queen of gadgets.

P.S. She has the best laugh in the Universe!

– O Douro Chama – 11 razões para visitar o Douro em Portugal

– 9 Programas Imperdíveis no Vale do Douro

– 3 Hotéis no Vale do Douro em Portugal (para se apaixonar)


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